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Who We Are

How we work

CMC Equities provides institutional level research and data compilation on financial instruments


At CMC Equities we offer traditional advisory services to our clients from advising on buying and selling of individual stocks, to trading the market through Contracts for Difference and Foreign Exchange.

Clients are able to benefit from a full advisory service, depending on the needs of the client.

Advisors at CMC Equities are qualified industry professionals who can provide a range of services from execution only to trading recommendations. They are also able to review client portfolios with the help of one of our professional analysts. Leveraged investing has been one of the fastest growing forms of gaining exposure to global stock markets over the last decade. CMC Equities is at the heart of this revolution.

Asset Protection

To provide asset protection to the wealth of all clients, through vigilant due diligence and robust investment strategies.

Growth of Wealth

To provide growth of wealth through solid return on investments through intelligent portfolio management.

Portfolio Management

To provide the highest level of financial advice and portfolio management available.

Financial Advice

To provide solid financial advice based on world class sector research and stock analysis.

Diverse Secure Investments

To provide a diverse range of investment options to protect portfolios and provide bespoke solutions to clients financial objectives.

To provide our clients with the highest level of financial services and portfolio management available.

How We Add Value

Traditional Share Dealing

CMC Equities offers a full range of advisory services related to traditional share dealing on 22 global exchanges...

Contracts For Difference CFD's

CFDs are an increasingly popular way to trade on a wide range of instruments such as Shares, Indices, Commodities, Currencies and Treasuries. In fact CFDs are one of the world’s fastest growing trading products...

Research & Analysis

Our renowned cutting-edge research is written and produced in house exclusively by our experienced professional analysts...

Research before you invest with CMC Equities