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Frequently Ask Questions

At CMC Equities, you will have your own experienced broker who will be available to give you as much or as little advice as is required. As each client is different we are able to tailor the service to suit his or her individual needs.

CMC Equities is an independent, privately owned company with no conflicts of interest. We provide high quality trading services including advice, recommendations, and independent research. We have a highly experienced trading team who are always available to discuss trades. We are always looking at new products within the ever changing financial markets to give our clients a leading edge.

This is a very simple process and normally takes no longer than a couple of days. We will need details of the stocks we can expect to receive and where they will be coming from. We will organise the rest and we do not charge for stock transfers coming in.

Opening an account with CMC Equities is simple. We will assist you in completing all the documentation required.

You can trade Stocks, Index CFDs, Sector CFDs, Foreign Exchange, Futures, Options, Cash Equities (shares) and Bonds all through one single account.

CFDs have no expiry dates, so as a result you can run a position, long or short, for as long as you require.

Whilst CFDs are exempt from stamp duty, any profits may be subject to CGT (Capital Gains Tax), however losses may also be offset against CGT. The same applies to Stocks and Forex although stocks are currently subject to stamp duty of 0.5%. Please note tax laws are liable to change and please seek specialist tax advice if necessary.

Commission is simple. We charge you a 2% commission on the exit and profits of your investments. This way you’re only paying us when you are actually making money. There are no hidden costs and you deal at the market price as we do not widen the spread of the share. CMC Equities is committed to offering a competitive commission rate which includes all the advice and monitoring you require.

CFDs can be traded on most stocks on all the major global exchanges (e.g. FTSE, S&P, NASDAQ, and DAX). CFDs on smaller capitalised stocks can be traded on a prior approval basis. Approval usually takes a matter of minutes.

Research before you invest with CMC Equities